Pakistan’s most wanted actor, Shaan Shahid has been confirmed for director Syed Noor’s upcoming action film, ‘Bhai Wanted’.

After multiple rumours, Shaan himself confirmed saying, “Syed Noor is a senior director and writer of our industry and it’s my pleasure to work with him.”

The cast includes Khurram Patras and a slew of newcomers, one of whom is Yasir Khan. An item number by Mathira will also be featured in the movie and the search for the lead actress is still in progress.

Rumours suggest that Sana Sarfaraz – a model and now actress, notable for ‘Zindagi Gulzaar Hai’ – has been approached for the part.

With movies like Waar and Operation 021, Shaan has established himself as a leading actor in Pakistan’s film industry. His involvement in the project is bound to bring more exposure and viewers to ‘Bhai Wanted’.

The movie is slated to release on  Eid-ul-Fitr 2015.