Social media is abuzz with excitement over the sneak peak video that shows Pakistan’s heartthrob, Shaan Shahid performing some serious action sequence.

Gul Ahmed Summer Lawn 21

The 12 seconds teaser has left the audiences enthralled with anticipation of what seems to be a new Lollywood motion picture. The video shows the ever-youthful Shaan executing a perfect‘180 degree Endo’ (one of the stunts) on a super bike with a beautiful Brazilian actress.

Exotic location, beautiful foreign actress and state-of-the-art special effects; all points towards a high-budget motion picture. 

The Pakistani cinema has its highs and lows (the latter more), but majority of us are always filled with pride and joy when a bright director and producer emerge to give us movies like‘Khuda Ke Liye’, Mein hoon Shahid Afridi and not to mention the heart racing action movie‘WAAR’.

While everyone’s hope for the revival of Pakistani cinema is a never ending seesaw, this teaser could finally tip the scales towards a promising future for our struggling industry.

Watch the teaser here: