shaan shahid

The whole of Pakistan’s entertainment industry is a witness to the aggressive feud between Shaan Shahid and the stars that have worked for Bollywood. Many times in various interviews, the veteran hero has expressed how the nation’s celebrities should be working for their homeland rather than trying their luck in India.

Recently in an interview to Instep, Shahid spoke again on the matter but this time. Seems like he is in favor of bringing global talent in Pakistan but thinks otherwise in case of the nation’s superstars:

‘ I have been against talent working internationally but if anything isn’t available, I will have to look at options’

Now that Fawad Khan and Ali Zafar have kickstarted films in Pakistan, the Lollywood hero seems satisfied:

‘I am happy to see Fawad Khan and Ali Zafar making films in and for Pakistan. Pakistan only has a handful of heroes and it needs them at this point of time’

However, he admits that he will no more be judgemental

‘It’s incorrect for me to judge anyone, and that’s something I’ve learned from life’

But it seems Shaan is not tired discussing the debatable topic again and again

‘To be honest, I am not even concerned anymore. It’s difficult to make people look at the bigger picture, so I don’t want to waste my time clarifying myself’

Earlier,  at a film awards show in 2014, Shaan badly bashed Pakistani superstars who ventured into projects from across the border. The veteran seemingly took a subtle dig at Ali Zafar, while labeling all the artists as “cheap sell-outs”.

Nevertheless, Shahid has moved on. He has been spotted jamming with Ali Zafar and now they are pretty good friends!

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