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How can you help abused children, when they are accompanied by their aggressors? How would a message go through? Regardless of its medium?

Now, Imagine an Outdoor ad that can only be seen by children. How could the aggressor stop the abused from seeing what he himself cannot see. Watch the amazing outdoor ad below:

The ad also acts as a warning to parents that it is not all right to hurt kids. There are in fact, more faces to child abuse than one can anticipate, amongst which majority are known to general public, but they choose to ignore it anyway.

Thus, the ignorance and indifference of the adults have compelled a message ‘made for the abused’, so that the abused can see the hidden message and report the nature of their mistreatment to the concerned officials.

Children are the future for not only the family they are born in, but also for all the families that will grow because of them. When you abuse a child, you abuse a good part of the entire human race, to come.