Karachi and food go hand-in-hand, the love for food is quite evident in Karachites. The City of Lights is home to some of the best eateries in the country and there seems to be a new cafe/restaurant opening up in one corner or the other ever so frequently.

Just recently a new cafe opened up in the city which has got social media buzzing. The bizarre name is what has caught the most attention!

Here’s presenting the latest ‘Chai Dhaba’ in K-Town, ‘Second Wife’.

Yup you heard that right. It is called the Second Wife and is the newbie cafe in Karachi which is creating havoc in the food community groups on social media. It will be competing against all the modernised Chai Dhaba’s already popular in the city.

Here’s how people reacted to the Unique name!

Finding hopes of marriage over a cup of steaming ‘Chai’


Some responses were just Hilarious!!

We’re pretty sure this wouldn’t end well.

This will make you ROFL!!

Serious advice for the married ladies!

This person was quick to bash the entire Pakistani Awam!


Where to Find the Second Wife:

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