Our schools are institutions that expect us to conform to a certain set of rules. While there are numerous rules that make sense (such as getting detention for coming more than 4 times late to school), there are often many rules that seem completely unreasonable. Here’s a list of a few of them that we wished never existed.

  1. We have to carry our P.E shoes around the entire day


For some unknown reason, schools seem to be extremely obsessed with wearing the right shoes. In some of them, on the day’s students have P.E, they are required to lug their shoes around the whole day as they are forbidden to wear anything besides the prescribed school shoes.

  1. Haircuts are extremely problematic

If you’re a boy you know that getting a haircut that the school finds acceptable is nearly impossible. Your hair will either be too long or almost every hairstyle you want will be banned in school. As a girl, your hair must be neatly tied at all times, OR ELSE.

  1. You aren’t allowed wear nail polish or get as many piercings as you want

The rule about not wearing makeup is somewhat understandable, as people tend to go overboard. However, I fail to understand why in most schools, there is a ban on girls wearing nail polish and having multiple piercings. Although wearing either of these does in no way hinder the performance of students, schools yet, irrationally believe that they must not be adorned.

  1. You can only use certain types of pens


Schools can be extremely particular about the kind of pens that students use. Majority of them disapprove of their students writing with ballpoint or gel pens, and most of them only allow blue or black ink. Sometimes, they only permit certain shades of blue.

  1. You aren’t allowed to use the toilet after break


In a lesson after the break, if a student asks for permission to use the toilet, they will automatically be shut down and met with the usual lecture of how we must limit ourselves to only using the toilet in the twenty minutes the school so generously provides us with. is it really our fault if we can’t decide when we need the bathroom?

Contributed by:

Amal Mehboob