After a series of victories, Sania Mirza has earned yet another prestigious title. The Indian tennis star along with her Swiss counterpart Martina Hingis has been named 2015 Women’s Doubles World Champions by International Tennis Federation.

Martina and Sania embark on the journey of success with their partnership in March 2015 after winning two Grand Slam titles at Wimbledon and US Open, and seven other tournaments. They won their last 22 matches from the start of the US Open through wins in Asia at Guangzhou, Wuhan, Beijing and the WTA Finals in Singapore, ending the year with a 55-7 record.

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While expressing her gratitude after receiving the award, Sania Mirza said: “I am very honored to receive this award from the ITF after what has been a great year for me and Martina. It is incredible that we have achieved so much in such a short time playing together. I am grateful to everyone that has helped me throughout my career and I hope that my success can inspire other girls in India.”

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Martina Hingis is determined to continue this tremendous journey in next year as well. “It is a great honor to be named ITF Women’s Doubles World Champions. Sania and I have enjoyed every minute of the season and we hope to continue in 2016 in the same fashion. We are set to join a long list of champions and it is a privilege to be recognized alongside them.”

American tennis player Serena Williams and Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic are named as women’s and men’s singles World Champions 2015, respectively. Serena has bagged this title for the sixth time while Djokovic has received the honor fifth time in his career.

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