Sania Maskatiya introduces ‘Bar-e-Sagheer’ Eid Collection!

Following the introduction of the Sania Maskatiya official E-store in June, the Sania Maskatiya design house has now introduced their Eid collection,  Bar-e-Sagheer.

The collection celebrates the craft, patterns and ornaments indigenous to the subcontinent.

Bar-e-Sagheer1 Bar-e-Sagheer2 Bar-e-Sagheer3

Presenting a visual exploration of sub-continental decorative skill and heritage across both Eastern and Western silhouettes, ‘Bar-e-Sagheer’ consists of digital prints and hand worked embroideries across the design house’s signature cuts, within a varying color palette.

Available at all Sania Maskatiya outlets in Karachi and Lahore and online at their official e-store, the Bar-e-Sagheer Eid collection consists of a diversity of 35 individual designs ranging from PKR 5,500 upwards.

The collection further includes a capsule line of Eid Kurta’s for men.


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