When a son is born into a household, the parents proudly say that our son will be the next Imran Khan or the next Jahangir Khan.

However, when a girl is born no one says they want their daughter to be the next Sana Mir. For those who have no idea who Sana Mir is, she is the Captain of the Pakistani cricket team, sorry, she was the captain.

After facing a loss and returning home without the trophy during the ICC Women’s World Cup 2017.The same captain along with her team received no welcome, was given no transport, and got no respect.To all those who bashed the girls and who

To all those who bashed the girls and who said that they did not deserve to play in the first place, Mir jotted down her two-cents while addressing to the haters that ” there is no shame in losing, there is only shame in not giving your 100%”

It is truly sad to see that girls are not given the same support as the men’s cricket team receives. When our men lose a match, we often end up saying, till next time, or we will win you just wait and watch, and who can forget the golden words, “tum jeetho ya haaro, hume tumse pyaar hai!”

Then why did the same supporters go sour when it was time to support the women who are representing your own country, making your name proud, reaching heights where others can only imagine to go.

Maybe if they were given support, shown that they are not alone, and if they are given proper facilities, they could have actually shown the world what Pakistani women are capable of.

How can you easily forget those days, those moments when your team made you proud! How can you forget the huge smile they brought on to your faces, the time when you wanted to celebrate and paint the town red.

Was Sana Mir the real reason why the women’s cricket team lost?

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