Korean tech giant Samsung has plans to launch their first foldable Smartphone by year end. This will be a major game changer if the company manages to pull their upcoming flagship with sheer perfection! Think about it, no more worrying about carrying huge phones in your hands, when you can just fold it and place it in your pocket!

According to The Korea Herald and ETNews, both Samsung and LG are reportedly prepping foldable phones for release somewhere later in the year. As of now, the project has been given a secret name, codename “Galaxy X” and “Project Valley”, respectively.

The company is also working on a phone plus tablet combination with a hinge in the middle, which will be used to house a 7-inch tablet, according to the report.  However, Samsung is worried about losing the moniker of “world’s first foldable smartphone” to a Chinese company, many of which are already working on their own solutions.

Even rival LG has been working on similar technology for some time now, and according to the report, the manufacturer has plans in the pipeline to introduce new handsets in Q4. It is still not likely that the phones will hit mass production until 2018.

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