Looks like Samsung has a surprise in store for all Note fans! According to the latest leak, the Galaxy Note 8 will be equipped with a display which will be larger than the Galaxy S8+!

This leak surfaced through a video shared by Slashleaks on YouTube, a display panel hints the possible size of Note 8. We are expecting the Note 8 to be revealed by the Korean tech-giant in September.

TechRadar has reported that there is a good chance that the Galaxy Note 8 would be fitted with might be its biggest mobile phone display to date!

Galaxy S8+, the larger one of the two flagships that have already been released this year, is already equipped with a sizable 6.2-inch panel, on the other hand, Note 8 series is traditionally a large device, there is a good chance that the upcoming flagship phablet would also carry a 6.2-inch display, or even a larger one measuring 6.4-inches.

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Some have even shared concept images for the Note 8.

Feature Leaks

  • The Galaxy Note 8 is also rumoured to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 PRO SoC, a more advanced, more capable variant of the already stellar SD 835 found in the South Korean firm’s first 2017 flagships.
  • Coupled with the widely rumoured 6GB of RAM for the upcoming phablet, there is no doubt that the Note 8 would be able to outgun many of this year’s best flagship devices, according to SlashGear.
  • The camera is expected to be a dual-lens camera with 3X optical zoom, 13MP Telephoto and 12MP wide-angle lenses.
  • The battery is rumoured to be 3500mAh, for Samsung, playing with big batteries like Asus Zenfone Max which is 5,000mAh is not wise for now, given its recent controversies about handsets catching fire.
  • It is expected that Note 8 will be boasting a powerful 3GHz+ octa-core processor with either Android O or Nougat.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Might Actually Look Like This! [View Image]

What features do you want to see in the awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

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