Samina Pirzada
Image Source/ HIP Pakistan

Veteran actress, Samina Pirzada wants the public to respect all entertainers as they are the ones who are keeping them positive. Amid the lockdown, the public is depressed and eagerly waiting for the deadly virus to end its reign across the globe.

Many have lost jobs due to recession, some are stuck in different countries away from home, due to the travel ban.

According to world meter, 876,345 have been tested positive for the virus while 43,520 have lost their lives during the pandemic.

Samina Pirzada
Image Source/ Twitter

Earlier this month, a lockdown was imposed in Sindh and Punjab. Celebrities have been coming live on Instagram since then, to cheer up public stuck in their homes. A hater abused Ali Sethi when he was live on Instagram entertaining his followers which went viral on social media.

It’s time to respect our entertainers. In these times it’s only our showbiz personalities who are keeping us positive. So rethink when you call us kanjar n Meerasis

There are 2071 cases of the virus in Pakistan at the moment. 740 cases in Punjab, 676 in Sindh, 253 in KPK, 6/184 Azad Jammu and Kashmir/Gilgit-Baltistan, 158 in Balochistan, and 54 in Islamabad while 27 have died, 82 have recovered. (Source/Dawn)

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