Javeria and Saud Qasmi
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Salma Zafar, an acclaimed veteran actress, is saying #TimesUp to fraudulent practices within the media industry. The actress has become much of a whistleblower recently against Javeria Saud and Saud Qasmi.

You might want to read what she revealed because it’s genuinely shocking!

Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde

Allegations have been made against Javeria and Saud for sitting on several millions of money in payments due. People who have worked with them have not received their due compensation.

Ethically, of course, that is questionable; however, professionally for their reputation, it is a nightmare. It could also fall within the ambit of being illegal, and the accusers can pursue a case against them. 

In the call out videos that Salma Zafar and Sherry Shah, they both also emphasized how the two treat their employees. They treat their employees with no respect, and with no leniency, it is truly terrible. 

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No Distribution Of Gains

The notorious couple runs a production house of their own by the name of JJS production. Several actors have worked with them on several dramas and have also provided them with scripts to take up. Said actors, however, have not been paid.

Salma Zafar alone is owed Rs 1 crore (according to her) while Shah quoted Rs 6 lakhs. 

Zafar has also said that many other actors and actresses are still waiting for their money, but they are deciding not to make videos. Moreover, the couple has now gone into a complete denial mode and are saying we do NOT owe anyone money.

Damage Control

In an interview, Salma Zafar also revealed more secrets about the couple that had us shocked. After Zafar and Shah’s videos gained momentum, Javeria and Saud started doing damage control. They sent several people cheques overnight and asked them to make videos on the contrary.

In those videos, they were asked to tell their delightful experience with the fraud production house. However, they also did not.

No Credit Where It’s Due

Zafar also mentioned how on mother’s day, she wrote an entire script by herself. That script was taken up by JJS production house, and it came on TV as well. However, the very writer’s name was not mentioned anywhere. 

As if it couldn’t get worse, Javeria Saud put her name there instead of Salma Zafar’s. It makes you wonder, are they short on talent, or are they just greedy?

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