Our very own Shahrukh Khan look-alike Sahir Lodhi will now once again be seen hosting a morning show on TV One titled, Aap Ka Sahir. Sahir has been part of the morning shows for a long time now and will once again be gracing our screens.

Sahir talked about his new show and what we can expect from it. He also reveals how the show is different from his previous ventures.

Sahir Lodhi

“When I started hosting Samaa’s morning show, my slogan was Chalo badalte hain and this time and I’m saying, Kuch alag kerein”, Lodhi revealed while talking to a news site

“I believe we need to go back to our roots, there are morning shows which the masses like to watch, but there’s so much negativity being spread in Pakistan and I think it’s high time we start talking about the inspirational stories that Pakistan has and be proud of our nation. We will obviously speak about social problems as well, but all of it will be presented in a decently, light-hearted manner”, he said.

What’s more this show will see people from different walks of life talking to each other. Mainly celebs talking to regular folk, aimed at portraying a better image of Pakistan.

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“I’ve always tried to demolish the barrier between a celebrity and an average being. I think everybody is equal,” he further added. “The privileged don’t realize how the rest of the world survives, and the masses believe, that celebrities live a glamorous and festive life, whereas that’s definitely not true. My aim is to bring everybody on one platform to share their experiences and inspire everybody”, he added.

The morning show will be on air from 8th of August onwards, every day at 9am.

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