Saboor Aly's Birthday Pictures Going Viral For Being 'Indecent'

One of Pakistan’s most well-known actresses, models, and renowned hosts, Saboor Aly has been enthralling audiences for many years. She started working in the entertainment business while she was still in high school or college. Saboor Aly began a new chapter in her life when she wed Ali Ansari a few years ago. They are still enjoying every second of being together. Saboor and her husband Ali both work full-time jobs in the entertainment industry, which keeps them both busy. But they make it a point to carve out some time for one another despite their busy schedules.

Image Source: Dawn Images

Saboor Aly is embracing her married life after getting married and has taken a hiatus from embarking on new roles in TV shows. Recent images of Saboor on vacation with her husband garnered harsh condemnation on social media. The actress, however, continues to be unaffected by criticism and chooses to live life on her own terms, wearing however she pleases and ignoring unfavorable remarks.

Along with her husband, Saboor celebrated her birthday recently. Saboor celebrated her special day by embracing her spouse and wearing a sleeveless top, as she does every year. Eventually, Saboor exuded happiness and contentment as he blew out the birthday candles and put on a birthday cap. Here have a look.

Her husband, Ali Ansari, posted these pictures on his Instagram when he wished his wife a Happy Birthday. As expected his followers had a lot to say in the comments below. While many of them congratulated Saboor Aly on her birthday, many criticized her dress and the amount of PDA the picture had. Here are the comments.

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