saba qamar smoking

We all remember how the ‘ghairat brigade’ trolled Mahira Khan left, right and center after pictures of her smoking went viral on social media, twice!

Not that it was any of their business, haters made it their life mission to teach the Humsafar haseena that ‘it is a sin for women to smoke’.

Chauvinist men turned their ‘sanskari’ mode on, bashing her for holding a cigarette, cause of course, ‘a cigarette damages men’s lungs and woman’s character’.

Igniting a massive social media fire, haters got irked by Mahira for what millions do daily. They shamed her and called her corrupt for some harmless pictures and till date, the episode still continues to be a controversy.

However, somebody needs to break this stereotype and tell the world that smoking is a personal choice, and does not determine someone’s character and is equally harmful for both men and women!

Seems like our Hindi Medium success-star, Saba Qamar has taken the task to crush this taboo for once and for all.

In a powerful Instagram post, the actress shut down haters who target women for smoking!

Rocking the cigarette between her lips, the savage starlet was spotted grooving to the radio like there is no tomorrow!

saba qamar smoking

And her badass caption is winning the internet:

Mard peeyein toh wah 😘
Hum peeyein toh haaaa 🤭
Tum khao toh chips 🍟
Hum khaain toh aaloo 🤢
Smoking is injurious to all, not only to women.😊

While the picture shows her smoking, Saba made it clear to her fans that she doesn’t smoke and was just for the photoshoot.

Well, the daring diva has made us fall in love with her all the more.

Nevertheless, keyboard warriors sharpened their weapons to attack her!

saba qamar smoking

But none of it will stop Saba conquering the world like the queen she is!

More power to our bold babe!