Travelling has become expensive, which makes it inconvenient for many who love to travel, however, Royals Express has a solution for those who are often travelling from the Capital to Lahore and vice-versa.

The most amazing and eye-catching element about this service is its Rs. 1 charge to travel to and from Islamabad and Lahore. If you are the first to book a seat on the bus, you will be charged Rs. 1 whereas other seats cost somewhere Rs. 200-400.


The booking is similar to an airline service. Basically, if you reserve your seat in advance and early, then you will be charged less. The fares on your booked ride will keep increasing (Rs. 200, Rs. 400 and so on) until the bus is half booked or more.



Royals Express seats can also be booked through and select the number and positions of the seats you want to book. As of now, the servcie has 16 buses and 30 more buses will be added within a month’s time. Higher end-buses will have upto 3 seats in a row. The company has promised to offer additional entertainment such as a kitchen, washroom, seat entertainment, etc.

Current fleet offers tray tables, seat adjustment which helps in adding more space between two passengers sitting together, mobile phone charging ports and even onboard WiFi connectivity.

Royals Express Features

Currently the busses offer:

  • In-bus WiFi
  • Plug-in power for your tablet and laptop
  • Play your favorite video games
  • Perk up your moods with our hot and cold beverage service
  • in-bus rest room
  • in-bus meals (billed separately)

Bus Schedule

The entire bus schedule can be seen by clicking here.

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