The Champions Trophy final between rivals Pakistan and India was an event to remember. Due to the excitement of the game, cricket lovers created a buzz on social media. Amongst this, a controversy arose regarding Bollywood Veteran actor, Rishi Kapoor.

Rishi Kapoor Defends himself on Pakistani Television!

After Rishi Kapoor sent out some, ‘mean’ tweets, Pakistanis were not having it and bashed the veteran actor. He didn’t back down either and the Twitter war continued.

Various Pakistani artists like Adeel Hashmi, Asim Azhar, Furqan Shayk, Zaid Ali T and the diva, Meera-Ji also slammed his disrespectful tweets.

However, the senior actor has now tried to clear the air about the entire incident and spoke in a telephonic interview to Kamran Shahid on Dunya News.

Rishi Kapoor compalined that he had apologized but people still continued to criticize him for it.

“I offered an apology after the final but everybody jumped to criticising me!”

This is what Senior Kapoor tweeted after Pakistan thrashed India in the final!


Kapoor believes he should have never replied to Pakistanis in the first place!

“My mistake was to reply to the tweets that kept coming in. It THEN ,became a big issue!”

The addition of religion and politics into the conversation is what fueled the fire and created a mountain out of a molehill. However, it does seem as though he has forgotten the time he asked Pakistanis to stop ‘Terrorism’.

He openly accused Pakistanis of Terrorism!

Finally, he signed off with passing on this message to all his followers

“I love everyone, come in peace and would like to live in peace”

Watch Rishi Kapoor defending himself here!

Do you think its time Pakistani’s forgive and forget the old man? Let us know in the comments below.

Rishi Kapoor Admits Defeat, Gets Trolled Again!

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