Have you noticed how we, as consumers, are beginning to develop a strong hate emotion towards advertisements?

Every time we’re watching a video on YouTube, playing a game on a downloaded application reading an interesting article, an add pops up.

In. Our. Face.

And we hate it. We frantically look for the little cross that will close the ad, even if momentarily, so we can continue doing what we love, uninterrupted.

However, have you ever thought why we have come to hate ads so much? We might not hate the product the ad is for, but we don’t want to see the ad.

Well, the truth is, most advertisements are brand focused. They are built to tell you the brand’s story. Instead of making you see them with your own eyes, they keep trying to show you what they are all about.

And truly speaking, ain’t nobody got time for that.

So when we see an ad that shows us how we are cared for and valued, it becomes hard to ignore it. Take a look at this “Right Behind You” ad by American Express and see for yourself:

Not only are brands trying to ensure that their marketing and advertising matches perfectly with what they offer, but they are also trying their best to stay ahead of the competition. Because there is A LOT of competition, and while everyone may have the same thing to offer, not everyone can offer it the same way.

Instead of just unforgettable visuals being the foundation of their marketing/advertising campaigns, brands are now focusing on communicating entire experiences to customers. In fact, they are even attempting to convert non-customers into customers, and a brand that can successfully manage to do THAT truly deserves applause.

This American Express ad does not say how you must use American Express for your payments. But taking an extremely customer-centric approach based on emotional insight, it shows you that it will support you in whatever you choose to do with your life.

Be it your career, your wedding, having a baby, going to dance class, be it anything. The ad is warm and gives the viewer a human experience, instead of just educating them on what American Express is all about.

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