Life with glasses is not easy. Whether it is short sightedness or long, the dependency on glasses makes everything difficult. Having less than perfect vision also disqualifies people from pursuing a number of professions such pilots, fire fighters, life guards etc. Contrary to popular belief having weak eyesight is treatable. With Femto Lasik surgery, people can have perfect eyesight restored.

People have had a great deal of reservations about Lasik surgery. The procedure looks scary and everyone in general is afraid of having a blade near their eyes.  The Femto Lasik procedure on the other hand is a bladeless procedure that is much safer, quicker and more precise.

Majority of the people who wear glasses or lenses have a number of complaints and challenges. Most record a certain incapacitation the minute they remove their glasses. Many have sensitive eyes so wearing contacts can be difficult too.

The Lasik procedure can help restore vision and rid one of their need of glasses. It is particularly helpful for people who require precision in their work. Here is a first person review of a young woman who underwent the procedure at the renowned Hashmanis Hospital in Karachi. What she has to say is enlightening. A large number of people suffer from the same issues she once did.

Femto Lasik procedure is a relatively new and safer procedure. It works even in cases where simple Lasik surgery cannot. People suffering from very weak eyesight also have a hope of getting their vision restored with it. It is more precise and takes lesser time. A patient can recover within days of going through this procedure.

Another patient, who underwent the surgery to fix her eyesight is a doctor by profession. Her opinion too mirrors that of Fatimah. Being a doctor, she relies heavily on the use of her eyes. She needs to constantly keep abreast of the latest medical advancements, reading up on new studies. She has to thoroughly examine medical reports of scans of patients in order to devise treatment. Therefore she needs her vision to be perfect.

She opted for Hashmanis Hospital for their quality healthcare services, years of experience and internationally qualified surgeons. Hashmanis Hospital hosts equipment and technology that no one else in Pakistan has.  So, if you wear glasses or contacts you should definitely be thinking about Lasik at Hashmanis Hospital.