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It’s been more than a month since Dalda came up with its new campaign which was both unique and distinct in the cooking oil category. Commonly, the brands in this particular category use slice of life appeal, show happiness and communicate a healthy and happy family under the umbrella of hygienic edible oil brand.

Carrying the tagline along “Jahan Maamta Wahan Dalda” the latest campaign has been bolstered with strong slogan #MeriAwaz!

The concept seems strong and the tone has been kept loud enough that it hits the consumers.

As per the brand;

“Eating right is about eating healthy.” 

Dalda’s #MeriAwaz campaign vows to end the double standards in our society regarding the weight and size of young kids.

Aamina Sheikh encourages mothers to make their kids eat healthy and make them feel comfortable in their own skin.

The brand has touched upon various stereotypes that run in the society along with encouraging the audience to eat healthy.

For now, Dalda has only emphasized on females in the campaign.  This may rightly have been done as females are usually the users and decision makers in this category. Having the sort of communication strategy, Dalda is passionately promoting over the ongoing wave of “Women Empowerment” which is common around all the social media platforms across the country.

However, in upcoming campaigns, Dalda can also include the other gender in the commercials in order to package the campaign for both  men and women.

Talking about the mediums touched by the campaign so far, we have seen it live on ATL with multiple adapts, social media, PR event and OOH including smart execution of illustrations through an artistic mural art painting on the walls of Civic Center Karachi, painted in a series of events that shows what girls have to go through just because of their weight or physique.

The Verdict

Overall the campaign is well crafted and nicely executed. Production quality is good with multiple adapts which might retain the interest of audience while maintaining the brand recall.

The brand has boldly raised voice through a campaign over a topic which wasn’t highlighted by other brands in the same category.

As per my opinion, Dalda can aslo include men in their future campaign, as staying fit and healthy is as important for males as it is for the females.

For me the most enticing part of the campaign is to know what is going to happen in coming days on a new community formed by the brand on Facebook called ‘Mothers of Pakistan’ and what will the brand acquire out of it.

With 90k plus likes within a months time, some genuine and some possibly via promotion, the community has created quite a following.

However, interaction and high engagement levels with content on the page is also significant to create a community.

Let’s see what the brand has in mind in regards to the page in the upcoming days.

Contributed by: Hassan Javed, Deputy Brand Manager, Kenwood and Homage

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