According to a tweet sent by Newsweek Pakistan’s Associate Director, Rimmel Mohydin, an op-ed written by Reham Khan, published in The Guardian, was originally commissioned by Newsweek. However, after Khan demanded a payment of £35,000, the magazine refused to publish it.

The official account of Newsweek Pakistan also confirmed the report in a tweet.

On the other hand, The Guardian’s commissioning editor, Nosheen Iqbal and Reham Khan herself claim that no money changed hands for the op-ed published in the British newspaper.

In the aforementioned op-ed, Khan talks about her marriage and divorce with PTI Chairman Imran Khan and Pakistani politics. She states how a poor, uneducated woman and an educated, well-established one is treated the same way by men just because of their gender.

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She confirmed how her own brother and Imran Khan’s sisters were against the marriage and how she was asked to stay out of all political matters by her ex-husband’s party leaders.

She further stated how she had “to face a barrage of abuse” after being married to “the strongest man in the land, idolised by millions”. Calling the entire nation her susral, Khan revealed how the entire country was interfering in her private matters.


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Khan snubbed all conjectures regarding why her marriage ended so quickly by stating it was her and Imran Khan’s fault only and no one else is to blame.

“It happened because we allowed it to happen. In the absence of any serious differences of opinion or unreasonable demands, if a bond breaks that easily, it means it has not been cemented together with strong communication”.

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