Prominent Pakistani actress and beloved television host Reema Khan has been caught in an internet storm. Reema Khan is facing severe backlash after sharing photographs of herself touching the holy Kaaba. The hostess went to fulfill the spiritual journey of Hajj and after sharing pictures of a highly important moment, fans were angry. It seems to many that this was just a show-off stunt and Reema isn’t quite genuine with what she is saying.

Reema Khan Shares Touching Spiritual Moment on Instagram

The actress shared a touching caption with her photograph too:

Reema Khan shared how profound this experience was for her as a Muslim. She shared the importance of performing Hajj for a Muslim and shared what it was like for her.  However, the reactions she received were disputed. Many disapproved of her photographs, calling them to be disrespectful to the journey. They called the entire act of posting photos shallow and selfish. To hundreds, Reema’s photographs had a sense of show-off.

On the other hand, many were quick to Reema’s defense. Later, they understood that as an internet personality, she just wanted to share this beautiful moment with her fans. In fact, many congratulated her and prayed that her Hajj was accepted, and she was rewarded for it accordingly.

Have a look at the comments:

Reema Khan commentsThe comment section under the photographs is full of statements that call her a “drama” and her spirituality “fake”. Moreover, fans picked on how her arms were bare in the photo and began to point it out one after the other. Also, the fact that she just had someone there to take her photos of her also upset many.

Reema Khan’s experience reminds us of the fine line between sharing personal moments and respecting religious sentiments. Public figures need to be mindful of their diverse audiences.

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