Rava.pk: A One-Stop Destination for Pakistan’s Video Watching Audience!

A treasure trove of viral videos, television serials and dramas, latest headlines, and the hottest news: Rava.pk is Pakistan’s emerging, one-of-its-kind, online video curation website created for users to effortlessly locate videos based on a specific genre.

Among the many achievements of Rava.pk is bringing inspirational, interesting and original videos from across the web, including third-party content, effectively curated and presented on a single platform, primarily for Pakistanis – across the globe.


If you have a moment to spare and are looking for clips that are important, educational, pure entertainment or downright hilarious, this new superhero of a website will be here to save your day!

While its competitors thrive on coveted categorical content, the video portal fuels itself by amassing everything of all varieties, catering to users of all tastes.

With a variety of channels ranging from sports, entertainment, breaking news, talk shows, technology, politics, Rava.pk is the much-needed, bona fide goldmine of deep and rich curated clips.

A repository of the latest as well as old episodes of online Pakistani dramas, Rava.pk has much to offer for drama buffs. From Ainak Wala Jin and Humsafar to ongoing hits like Mann Mayal and Gul-e-Rana, it is easy to find one’s favorite drama serial and soap. Similarly, for the latest on current affairs, one can choose from a list of all the Pakistani talk shows aired on television, with their latest episodes on Rava.pk.

According to the business unit head of Rava.pk, Mashood Paracha, Rava.pk’s vision is to be a household brand, where parents can find the best tips for raising kids, young and old can watch political shows, and families enjoy dramas. For sports lovers, Rava.pk will be the place to watch cricket, football and more; for fashionistas to find latest fashion trends and style tips; a haven for geeks, nerds, and newbies for technology-related news and updates; the preferred portal for sharing and submitting viral videos and original content for Pakistani of every hue, class, belief and background.”

The best part is that the web page has a user-friendly navigation system with a simple, responsive and easy-on-the-eyes interface. You can find the video you are looking for in a flash! Plus Rava.pk, being a video curation forum, also let users submit viral-worthy videos. After extensive moderation, the content submitted is made open to the public.


The comments section, however, is given a free reign, “to encourage free flow of extemporaneous ideas, as comment moderation robs the discussion of spontaneity,’ Paracha said, adding that the hateful and expletives-laden comments, even though removed immediately, are a by-product of a ‘thriving culture of free speech.’


Truly transcending boundaries with its innovative strategy of video curation, Rava.pk’s next stop is to build its own newsroom with a powerful portfolio of experienced journalists and editors to provide insightful reports and reviews on the latest issues.

Even cooler is its plan for an extensive archive of Pakistani, Bollywood and Hollywood movies based on a profit-sharing model, benefitting filmmakers as well as the website. Rava.pk’s team has similar plans for making available movies of Iran, French, Brazil, Italy, South Korea and Japan for the Pakistani audience, but acknowledge that might prove to be a bridge too far.

Nonetheless, it is the dreamers and those with unbridled passion who really make a mark. It might be early days for Rava.pk but it continues to grow and explore the endless possibilities available in our digitally driven world. Rest assured, this infotainment video portal is bound to delight you with its endless array of videos available online. And who knows, one day we might be able to watch the next ‘City of God’ on Rava.pk!