Sehri Deals

Be it the thrill of a midnight hangout or the feeling of being clad in T-shirts and PJ’s as you place your orders for Sehri, the experience of munching with your loved ones at this part of the day is simply inexplicable!

Get over your painstaking hunt for best sehri deals in town for we have all that you need to plan your next Sehri.

Fast food Restaurant Deals

Fat Burger

Must say, Sehr or Iftaar, Fat Burger hasn’t failed to surprise us this Ramadan.

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For all those who are searching for something like ‘one deal fits all’, this can be a perfect one for you.

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Pizza Max

It’s actually difficult to stop yourselves from eating especially when it comes to pizzas! But the good news is – you don’t have to do that to yourselves anymore. Have a look:

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California Pizza

Whether you are planning for a sehri alone, with your better half or with your entire friend circle; California Pizza has all sorts of deals to make your sehri the most fulfilling one.

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14TH Street Pizza

Nothing sounds more depressing than a ‘Single Sehri’ but, who cares about a company when you have your 20 inch pizza and 500 ML Coke to make your Sehri ‘just perfect’!


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Fine Dining Restaurant Deals

Movenpick Hotel Karachi

You won’t fall short of choices here even for a Sehri!

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Chairman Mao

Wait for the clock to tick twelve and load off half the burden from your pocket. [fb_embed_post href=” /” width=”550″/]