Ramadan and Rooh Afza The divine blend

Rooh Afza promotes the values of steadfastness, patience and gratitude towards the Almighty via its TVC campaign for the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Realizing its popularity, Rooh Afza makes efforts to strengthen the faith of Muslims in Ramadan by its various marketing strategies.

In its TVC, it is quite evident how Rooh Afza is encouraging love and unity amongst Muslims. Today, Rooh Afza provides Pakistanis with a feeling of cultural tradition in Ramadan.

For centuries, the lovable drink has satisfied the thirst in warm summers and is craved by people of all ages.

As the name “Rooh Afza” itself implies “refreshing the soul”, the delightful thirst-quencher literally tends to create such an effect on people.

Such properties of the brand have made it the ideal way for Muslims to break their fast in Ramadan. The rosy-pink syrup famous for refreshing during hot days in Pakistan has become a must have product to be set on the tables and Dastarkhawns in the Holy Month.

It has now become a tradition in homes to prepare the drink as a part of Iftari. For this reason, sales of Rooh Afza go astonishingly up during Ramadan. Various pricing schemes are also observed by the brand, seeing its ever increasing demand.


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