Massod Ahmed, the manager for the Judo team and secretary of Pakistan Judo Federation (PJF) shared that it felt quite emotional to raise the Pakistani flag when they won two gold medals in the South Asian Games being held at Shillong, India.

Shah Hussain Shah won gold medal in 100 kg event whereas Fauzia Yasir bagged one at the 78 kg event increasing the number of gold medals won by Pakistan to a total of twelve. India secured the first place, followed by Sri Lanka and Pakistan in the South Asian Games.

Pakistan took away thirty seven silver and fifty seven bronze medals  amounting to one hundred and six medals in total.

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Masood Ahmed was quite happy with the overall performance of the judo delegation representing Pakistan, “This was a big moment for us as judo was the final event of the Games. We even raised Pakistan’s flag at the closing ceremony and it an emotional moment for all of us to raise Pakistan’s flag in India,” commented Ahmed.

Shah chose to be a part of the South Asian Games instead of signing up for other competitions across the globe. “I’m glad I kept alive my family tradition of winning gold at the Games,” he added. “My father [Hussain Shah] has won five gold medals, so now I can show him that I got one too.”

Fauzia dedicated her gold medal win to Maryam, her one year old toddler, whom she had left behind to participate in the South Asian Games.

“I was losing at one point and I heard the coach yelling that ‘do it for Maryam, do it for Maryam’. I gave it my all after that and I’m glad to have bagged gold. This is for her,” said Fauzia.

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