raasta sahir lodhi

Sahir Lodhi made sure that the whole world knows about his big debut in Pakistan’s cinema. However, early reviews gave the movie a bad rating and now Raasta’s box-office update has made it clear that the film’s fate is very unlucky in theaters across the nation.

Raasta Movie Box-Office Report

A box-office report revealed by Galaxy Lollywood unveils the truth about Raasta’s poor business.

The film has managed to collect 2 million ( 20 lakhs) on the very first day

Reports also reveal that the movie is being shown to almost empty halls as it has failed to drive movie-buffs to cinemas. Hence, the movie is not making any moolah since its first day of screening.

Apparently, those who went to watch it, returned with sad stories to tell! Seems like nobody is giving Raasta a good rating.

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