Billy 55 has introduced green tea cigarettes which have neither tobacco nor nicotine and is a safer way to quit smoking in the future. It is more economical and healthier.

Ranko Tutulugdzija, the founder of the new company ‘Billy 55’, who worked as an acupuncturist, noticed that there are next to zero natural ways of kicking the habit of smoking. The Green Tea cigarettes are itself part of a three-step method that Tutulugdzija has come up with, in order to help smokers get rid of this unhealthy habit. A peculiar step in this method is to place mustard seed on different pressure points on your ear.

Although the lack of nicotine and tobacco is a step in the right direction, there has been no clear scientific proof to back up Billy55’s claims that it will help you quit smoking. Still, the idea is rather novel.

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