qmobile sexy ad

QMobile is no new name to stirring up trouble and now, multiple complaints have got PEMRA hot on its heels!

After banning Mubashir Lucman and ARY Digital, the latest mess on PEMRA’s hands is the controversy sparked by QMobile’s ad for the Noir Z7.

The TVC had already been under the spotlight for accusations of copying an Indian ad, but all that checked out because QMobile had purchased rights to it.

Now, television viewers everywhere in Pakistan are complaining to PEMRA that the ad is ‘not watchable’ and should be taken off the air.

In the TVC, Brazilian model, Larissa Bonesi calls the Noir Z7 ‘The Sexiest Phone in the World’ and of course, the conservative population of the country has decided it cannot be seen with family or otherwise.  Al haram, al haram *rolls eyes*.

In a nation such as ours, which can easily watch any number of item songs from any Bollywood movie, this one particular ad is deemed ‘unwatchable’, ‘vulgar’ and ‘immoral’.

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See the controversial ad below: