The largest selling brand of Pakistan has recently signed a deal with Opera Mini which will allow QMobile to provide pre-installed Opera Mini app to its users. The app will be available in upcoming android-based QMobile smartphones. However, QMobile users will also be able to download the app from Google Play store as well as from

Opera Mini is among the most praised browsers available and it provides a very nimble and smooth internet browsing experience. A recent update to the software resulting in Improved UI, additional gesture controls and new Omni bar support has made it even more appealing to use.

CEO of QMobile, Mr. Zeeshan Akhtar while sharing his views on the occasion stated that, “Internet access has the power to change lives since it not only helps to bring people closer, but also is a great repository of information. Adding to the significance of Handsets having faster internet, he further added that ‘Within a short time frame, QMobile has become the best-selling handset brand, because we offer our users a range of affordable and reliable handset. Now, we are going a step beyond, making our smartphones more compelling by preinstalling useful apps such as Opera Mini so that our users can benefit and enjoy the internet.”

On the other hand, Mr. Lars Boilesen, The CEO of Opera Software while sharing his sentiment stated that, “In the past 20 years, our mission has been to make internet browsing possible on all kinds of devices, from low-end feature phones to the latest smartphones. The internet should not be the privilege of a limited few. We feel that Opera Mini is a perfect fit for growing markets such as Pakistan and are glad to partner with market leaders such as QMobile helping to bring more people online.”