Qarshi Industries is Pakistan’s leading powerhouse of natural products. Since the company grew from its infancy in 1968, it has worked to revolutionize herbal health care in the nation and today, boasts a vast portfolio of more than 200 reliable innovations aimed to make lifestyle better.

Undoubtedly, the company’s sheer commitment to promote healthy living has successfully led it to grow in size and influence. By developing goods derived from an ancient blend of Oriental and Greek herbal medicines, Qarshi has rolled out a number of hit products that masses love and demand.

What’s more, the brand has also kept itself in pace with the latest advancements in science and technology to ensure that its consumers enjoy safe and effective products.

Check out some of most innovative products by Qarshi Industries that made it the beloved Pakistani brand that it is today!

Sharbat Faulad

Iron is a vital mineral, critical for producing blood in our body and its deficiency is a problem found amongst people of all ages. Sharbat Faulad is Qarshi’s most widely sold tonic for those suffering from low iron levels.

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The powerful syrup hailing from “Unani and Ayurvedic System” gives a boost to a weakening immune system and improves the functioning of liver.

Johar Joshanda

This product is so popular that every Pakistani household thrives on Qarshi’s Johar Joshanda whenever the deadly flu season strikes!

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The mixture in the small packet is a magical herbal remedy and will instantly soothe your irritated throat and clear chest congestion. Back in 2008, it was ranked as “Best for the Body” by Time magazine in its special “Best in Asia” edition.


Like Qarshi’s Joshanda, the brand’s Isphagol too is a staple in every home. The desi must-have works like a quick charm to cure digestive and non-digestive ailments.

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Take it with a warm glass of water after your meal and relieve yourself from dire issues like constipation, diarrhea, acidity, heart burn and even weight gain!

Chamman Rus

Are you tired of being tired all the time? Then stock some Chamman Rus by Qarshi to boost your energy and vitality.

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It has two variants: Gold and Silver. Chamman Rus Silver is for the whole family while the Gold alternative is for mantling vigorous health for those above 30.


Want your child to ace at school? Then Qarshi’s Demaghi is no less than any super food to give a boost to your kid’s brain power, memory and concentration.

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The tonic is a hit amongst those who rely on natural medications to stimulate and strengthen brain activity rather than using artificial health drinks.


In 2015, a retail audit by Neilsen revealed that Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin occupies a whopping 60 percent of the market share in the category. Evidently over the years, the rosy red refreshing syrup outdid its rivals and became a summer favorite amongst the people.

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Whether you make a chilled glass of Jam-e-Shirin on a hot day or when you have surprise visitors, Jam e Shirin works like a charm every time!


What are your top-picks of Qarshi products? Share with us in the comments below!