By Zulfiqar Ali Sajwani
The local mobile phone manufacturer Q mobile is all set to target the masses in their own way and has recently come up with a catchy TVC for their E8 and E9 phones.

The ad features Sara Lorren, a popular Pakistani Actress, dancing to the beats of a song that announces the launch of the two, mid to low range mobile phones. With a colorful ambience and a number of dancers at the back, the ad is well adapted to the target market of the ad.

However, the ad is not in line with the trend that Q mobile has been portraying in their previous marketing campaigns.

Whereas the ‘loud’ and ‘ethnic’ image of the ad would appeal to the low to middle class users, the elite positioning that Q mobile as been aspiring seems to be in a vulnerable situation after the release of this ad.

Q mobile took an entirely different pathway while advertising their Nior series. We saw the famous ‘Aashiqui 2 heartthrob’ Aditya Roy Kapoor endorsing the Noir A600 . The ad had a very classy and sleek packaging, that captured the attention of the masses due to the right timing of its broadcast.

Before that we saw the famous Pakistani model Iman Ali advertising Noir A2 to us. The ad had coherence with what Q mobile aimed to cash on in future. The ad had a bold and beautiful impact,which Q mobile carried with finesse before they launched the latest ad.

This time, Q mobile has again attempted to gain the attention of the masses, however, the approach is a 360 degree turn from what was expected from the brand.

Fans could not have imagined trumpets blowing to inform them about the upcoming Q mobile phone, nor could they have imagined a woman sitting in a rickshaw yelling out the features of the phone. However, it does not matter what the fans expected, the point is that what is Q mobile envisioning to do in the future.

We are looking forward to the response of the Q mobile fans after watching this ad. The million dollar question is whether they will be able to accept Q mobile as a brand of ‘celebration’.

Let’s hope that this mass marketing approach of the leading local mobile phone manufacturer does not ignite a backlash for the brand.


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