PTCL is a 70+ years old organization, which has evolved from a humble landline business to the largest integrated ICT firm of Pakistan.

In the case of a company as dynamic as PTCL, constant reinforcement and enrichment are required concerning their way of work. Especially in today’s competitive landscape, it has become imperative for a company like PTCL to transform its organization and keep up with the changing dynamics in the corporate world.

Inevitably, there was a compelling need to revamp the guidelines and framework that influence the complete sphere of professional working at PTCL.

Therefore, in 2018, they changed the vision, mission and corporate values that gradually became the foundation and enablers for a cultural shift.

Today marks two years of this radical ongoing cultural transformation of the processes, policies, and frameworks within PTCL. This has been a period of breakthroughs, creativity, and progression.

Their definitive aim was to reinforce the vision of becoming the most admired telecommunication provider in and for Pakistan. That being so, their corporate values symbolize the culture they aim to instill in their employees.


Each Value comes with its own clearly stipulated description so that it can resonate with the majority of the people. These four guiding principles are, therefore, all-encompassing and they touch all aspects of their work.

Moreover, each one has its own set of desirable and undesirable behaviors so that all employees have an in-depth understanding of each value. PTCL’s four values are namely,

  1. We Care: We treat everyone with respect, dignity, and responsibility.
  2. We put the customer first: We are passionate about serving our customers. Their satisfaction is a key measure of our success.
  3. We work as one team: We seek & value everyone’s contribution. Together we are strong.
  4. We embrace change: We shape our own destiny by being proactive & open to new ideas.

Subtle reminders of the four values have been infused in the daily routine of a PTCL employee from the time they step in the elevator to the time they exit the office. This is all conducive to a culture where more responsible, empathetic and adaptable team players are bred.


Coming up with the new values demands an elaborate and painstaking process that involves gathering feedback from all the stakeholders in the organization.

Usually, it’s always the senior leadership that identifies the gaps in the behavior of its employees and initiates the process to get the values aligned to their vision.

According to our findings, PTCL conducted an all-inclusive, rigorous exercise with its employees across Pakistan for their feedback on the new values, revised definitions, icons, etc.

They did this through surveys, focus groups, and one-on-ones. They, then, went on to compile and convert this sizeable data from employees into meaningful insights. After months of research and feedback, PTCL’s corporate values were set afloat.

Multiple sessions were conducted within PTCL to promote their corporate values. The HR teams have been working extensively to propagate and further instill these values across the organization.

From relentless campaigns on Workplace to engaging employees on multiples platforms, the teams have been engaging the employees to adopt the new values.

To facilitate its employees, PTCL is also working on a values-based application called VApp – the future. This is a mobile & web application that will promote PTCL’s corporate values and the respective behaviors in the form of a 10 stages based game.

The idea is to transform the impersonal awareness sessions into something more imaginative and fun. They did so through gamifying their corporate values ideology in order to reach their target audience in a more effective manner.

They considered it the first step to kick off this extensive cultural transformation within PTCL. They still have a long way to go but it’s heartening to see how the organization is transforming and accepting the positive initiatives.