PTCL has announced that its higher speed limits will now be available for the general public, along with lower process for the existing DSL broadband packages. Previously to be used at commercial levels, users can now enjoy speeds such as 20Mbps, 30Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps for their domestic purposes.

PTCL said that price cuts are in line with company’s vision of equipping internet users in the country with highest possible broadband speeds.

According to their website, PTCL’s DSL broadband services are available in over 2,000 cities across Pakistan. Currently, it has more than 1.5 million DSL subscriptions which the company plans to grow with these new price cuts.

According to details, PTCL’s broadband services are priced as following:




To subscribe to PTCL broadband service call 0800-80-800

*Note: For Quality Assurance Purposes and to provide uninterrupted service to all customers, Rs. 5,000 per month will be charged for greater than 300 GBs downloads. This is not applicable to 8 Mbps and above connections

**Note: 1Mbps and 2Mbps Economy packages contain download limit of 10GB and 15GB respectively. Downloads exceeding limit of respective package will be charged additional Rs.100 per GB.

***Note: GPON is with subject to availability in specific area.