Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is working on an online mobile registration system for overseas Pakistanis.

With the implementation of this system, traveling Pakistanis will be able to register their phones without having to do so at the airport.

The registration can be done from home as the system will be linked to a website to make it easier for the travelers.

According to sources, PTA’s mobile registration system should be up and running in the upcoming days.

Mobile Phone Registration With PTA: Complete Guide

The new policy states that overseas individuals are allowed to carry 5 phones with them per year. The phones have to be registered within 15 days of that person’s arrival else the sets will not work within the country.

Passengers will have an option to register the phones at the airport if they are willing to. Counters have been set up by PTA, Customs and Federal Board of Revenue to provide help.

Merchants can sell imported phones after the sets have been registered and duty has been paid. Action will be taken against all illegal unregistered mobile phones after 31st January 2019.

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