Keeping up with the festive mood, Nokia India promoted Lumia 800 this Diwali to the Indian audience with an engaging offer to ‘Give in your old phone and get a new LUMIA 800 at amazing discounts’.

The thirty-second promo includes Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra dressed in more Indian clothing that what we are used to watching.

The ad open up with the touching philosophical touch that says, “You know what is a lost art? ‘Listening’ – All of us love to talk but very few listen”.

The ad goes on telling how Nokia LUMIA 800 is equipped with perhaps the best quality camera designed to produce amazing results in lack of light situations. Hence proving that Nokia ‘listens’, providing what everyone needs – ‘a better phone’.

NOKIA has featured Priyanka in many of its previous Nokia Lumia campaigns. The actor turned singing superstar has been a sizzling sensation in India currently and the most wanted brand ambassador.  Nokia also integrated Nokia Lumia phones Priyanka’s first music video with International pop sensation Pitbull.

Nokia LUMIA has recently been ranked as the third most sold Smartphone this quarter, after Samsung and Apple.