Imran Khan Approval For Student Union

PM Pakistan Imran Khan is ready to restore student unions with a “comprehensive and enforceable code of conduct” in universities and colleges after the students throughout the country took the streets to register their demands and rights.

The student union ban dated back to 35 years and almost three and half centuries later the students are deprived of their right to register their voice and demand their rights.

On Friday, the students across the country came out on streets to protest about this particular ban and other demands that include; right of education to all, dissolve of semester system and increase in the higher education budget.

The Prime Minister took to Twitter to announce this news in a series of tweets. He mentioned that “universities groom future leaders of the country & student unions form an integral part of this grooming. Unfortunately, in Pakistan universities’ student unions became violent battlegrounds & completely destroyed the intellectual atmosphere on campuses.”

In the second tweet, he emphasized on the code of conduct while tweeting; “we will establish a comprehensive & enforceable code of conduct, learning from the best practices in internationally renowned universities, so that we can restore & enable student unions to play their part in positively grooming our youth as future leaders of the country.”

This Initiative by the Prime Minister Pakistan is being appreciated by the students and the nation in light of recent events. What do you think about this initiate by our PM and how it is going to affect our youth.

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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