The sacred month of Ramadan is just around the corner and to facilitate the masses, the current government of Pakistan has announced The Ramadan Package, effective from yesterday.

According to the package, rates are about to fall down with a subsidy of 2 billion PKR issued by the Government of Pakistan. The prices of 1,500 items are to decline by 5 to 10 percent.

The following price cuts will be observed:

• Cooking Oil – Rs 28/Litre & Rs 25/Kilo

• Rice & Pulses – Rs. 10 / Kilo

• Basin – Rs. 10/Kilo

• Packaged Milk – Rs. 10/Kilo

• Dates – Rs. 10/Kilo

• 20 Kg Flour Bag – Rs. 120

• Tea – Rs. 50 / Kg

These price cuts will be effetive throughout six thousand Retail Outlets falling under the Utility Store Corporation of Pakistan. The motive of this pre-Ramadan subsidy is to facilitate the masses to spend the holy month in peace.

While highlighting the package details, a government official said,

“The Ramadan Package is to start on Monday will, however, continue till Eid-ul-Azha’s night,”

A few brands that will be affected with this price change include Olpers, Milkpak, Tapal, Lipton, Soya Supreme, Sufi and Dalda.