Arif Alvi Disgusted Over Child Abuse

President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi is highly disappointed on a local TV channel who just broadcasted interviews of sexually assaulted children in front of a live audience.

This program was repeat telecasted even after the President’s direction to PEMRA. President Arif expresses his disgust over the interviews in a tweet just after the show went on air. The victims were exposed to the audience without any confidentiality.

President mentioned that such interviews are not only insensitive but very hazardous for victims welfare and progress as a citizen in society; “Disgusting: A TV channel broadcast a show where the anchor interviewed sexually abused children in front of a huge crowd and then broadcasted it for the world to see them. Do not they care about the psychological impact & social ostracism or ridicule these flowers will face?”

Even after the President notice to PEMRA, this show was a repeat telecast on the channel. He questioned the laws and their implementation in his other tweet while stating; ‘I had communicated this to Chairman PEMRA, despite that it was re-telecast today. There must be laws against this, and why are they not implemented? This cannot happen anywhere in the world. It hurts deeply.’

After his tweets and concerned about this show, the users are demanding cancellation of the license of this private channel. The name of the show and the channel is still unknown. This is not the first time our President has spoken against sexual assault and insensitivity towards this topic, last month he expressed his outrage against the retired Indian general and his statement about the mass rape of Kashmiri women.

What are your views on this development?

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