potato diet
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There’s a new diet on the bock, and it’s the most unusual one you could think of. The potato diet could help you lose nearly 6 kilograms in just a week, and here’s the lowdown on it.

About The Diet

The name of the diet is quite self-explanatory. The potato diet involves eating nothing but, as you can guess, potatoes! So it’s basically carbs, carbs, and only carbs. It’s considered a crash diet in the health world because it is neither balanced nor nutritious. However, case studies have confirmed that it makes you lose weight in a short time.

potato diet
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What Does The Diet Include?

The rules of the potato diet are simple. You can enjoy using herbs, spices, and oils for seasoning your potatoes, and they can be boiled, baked, or mashed too. However, chips are just not allowed (apologies!) Here’s the fun (or revolting part): the amount of potatoes you should be eating every single day is two to five pounds. Sweet potatoes are not included!

potato diet
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If you decide to give it a go, another ‘do not’ is exercise. You are going to have to forgo your gym time if you decide to follow this diet. 


Since this is a crash diet, it is not recommended by health experts for a long time. However, within the time it is deemed fit, it can help lose a lot of weight, approximately a week.

One woman managed to lose 12lb over the course of seven days on the potato diet, while her friend lost just 4lb doing the cabbage soup diet. (We have no clue what the cabbage one is yet, and we have a feeling we don’t want to find out.) The woman on the potato diet claimed that she would not like to see potatoes again in her life whilst the other regretted not following it.

potato diet
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Though losing 4lbs is incredible in one week, she said she’d rather have had potatoes.

Lose It Safely

While the potato diet and its results can be tempting for many, experts do not recommend crash diets to begin with. If you absolutely must, then they are not recommended for more than seven days in a row. 

The health expert said: ‘Do remember that, although popular, crash dieting is frowned upon by many health professionals for being unbalanced. Losing a lot of weight quickly can be dangerous and may not offer long-lasting results.’

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