Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif distributed 200 school buses on Wednesday to Educational Institutions in Islamabad under the PM Education Reforms Program.

The PM addressed the public at the inauguration program and mentioned that the government is working towards the progress in schools and colleges across the capital. They want to provide children with latest amenities and a healthy environment for studies.

He also went on to say to the children present,  “You children are the future of Pakistan.” He further added “You are precious to us, you will grow up and serve the country. You will make us proud.”

Sharif also mentioned that a bypass will be built to ensure that the schools are easily accessible to children coming from the Barakahu area. Maryam Nawaz, daughter of the PM has been involved in the educational program as well. She mentioned that the government is working hard to fill the gap between the standards of public and private schools in the country.

It is time now for Karachi and Lahore to wait for when the PM grants school busses and works on strengthening the educational programs throughout the rest of the country.

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