Pizza Hut, an international pizza franchise, was fined PKR 50,000 in Islamabad yesterday due to unhygienic conditions, according to a report by Deputy Commissioner Islamabad. The news was posted on the official Facebook page of Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, as can be seen below:

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The F-7 branch was fined under the supervision of Assistant Commissioner (City) Kamran Ali Cheema, along with team comprising Magistrate (Secretariat) Ali Javed, Assistant Director (Civil Defence) Nisar Hunjra, Assistant Director (Food) Afzal, Food Inspector Raja Ashraf.

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The team also sealed 2 other local restaurants in the F-7 area, namely, ‘Zefras’ & ‘Cafe Lazeez’.

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This campaign is a part of the Punjab Food Authority. Established under Punjab Food Authority Act 2011, Punjab Food Authority is responsible for ensuring that safe and wholesome food is available for consumption. Their basic agenda is to develop standards for food articles and to regulate their manufacturing, storage, distribution, sale and import.