Pizza Hut has introduced a new kind of pizza box that can double as a movie projector for your movie night needs. As per popular opinion, pizza and movies are a perfect combination, and Pizza Hut seems to agree.

Doug Terfehr, Pizza Hut spokesman, has said, “Pizza is a social food and movies are a social event. Perfect match.”

This innovative box, called the Blockbuster Box, comes with a projector lens. This lens can be inserted into a hole in the side of the box after you’ve punched it out.

The key to the experience is, of course, a smartphone. By placing your phone in the center of the box, the display of your phone will be projected onto a wall through the projector’s lens.

Watch the video below:

This design was created by Ogilvy Hong Kong as part of a marketing stunt for Pizza Hut.

As for any inhibitions you may have about placing your phone anywhere near a greasy surface, you needn’t worry. The Blockbuster Box comes with a pizza table that prevents the pizza from touching the center of the box.

For now, the Blockbuster Box is going to be limited to being launched only in certain Hong Kong stores. If the idea is a good sell, maybe then we can expect to see them expand the sale of these boxes in other countries.

Contributed by Hunza Gul.