Pizza Hut

By Zoya Anwer

Ever wanted to enter a pizzeria, sit and get the Pizza without calling out to the waiter and specifying the correct order many times?

Well, it seems that Pizza Hut has already worked on this need with its new Swipe-to-order table that allows people to make their own pizza and order it then and there.

This new innovative table in Pizza Hut outlets would work more like an app, in which the person can swipe Cheese, Tomato Sauce, varieties of chicken and other such ingredients, all while making the hands super greasy.

This technology by Chaotic Moon will sure draw many people out of the curiosity to create their very own pizzas. They can also play games after placing an order to kill time.

The spokesperson, Doug Terfehr told media,

“The interactive experience will be a lot of fun. Adding toppings, taking away toppings, changing sizes, playing games-all of those things are at the controls of you, the user. It’s a lot like ordering via an app on your phone on the table right there in front of you.” 

This feature will be seen in different places in USA and might also be introduced in different countries later on.


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