World’s favorite social bookmarking website Pinterest has now become all the more interesting with the launch of its new feature “Place Pins”.


The new feature facilitates travelers to create a map of all the amazing locations they travel around and share on their Pin Boards. This latest addition to the application will allow “Pinners” to plan their outings visually and highlights their favorite spots by “Pinning” them.

“We’re excited to inspire you to go out and do things”, said Pintersest CEO Sibbermann at the launch of Place Pins

For example, if a user shares a picture of coffee from Starbucks, he or she can pin Starbucks location to a map on the “Place Board”

Pinterest fans can generate a board of their beloved restaurant and cafes in the city and share it with their friends.

All they have to do is to click “Add a map” in the settings of a new or an existing board to make use of Place Pins. A Google search bar will help them to mark the location to their Pins. Users can further share their Place board with their friends via a new send feature, enabling their pals to collectively add their choices and experiences on the Board.

The new travel friendly feature has been developed via Mapbox and Foursquare’s location technology

Now your latest experience of a beautiful landscape, latest opening of a café, and new cinema house in town or a coffee shop is just a Pin away.