PIA is having a bad week. Earlier a video of a pilot caught sleeping in the passenger compartment ignited a furor on social media. Apparently, he had handed over the plane to an under-training pilot.

But it is even worse this time. Another video has been leaked in which a PIA allowed a Chinese woman entry in the cockpit for the whole journey.

Geo News reports that Captain Shahzad Aziz invited a young Chinese during PIA flight PK-853 from Tokyo to Beijing. Her admission was unauthorized and she exited the cockpit after two hours as the plane landed.

Watch the leaked PIA Video of Chinese Woman in Cockpit here!


For those who don’t know, the law prohibits the entry of unauthorized people into the cockpit at any time during flights. It is a safety hazard and it the PIA’s pilots responsibility not to allow entry of a unoffical person.

All hell broke lose on social media as the video made its way on social media.

Sarcasm at its best

This one said it right!

Pak-Cheen Dosti Zindabad!

So this one thinks language classes were going on in the cockpit

Chinese Chinese Everywhereeeee!

Whattay confused Chinese lady!

Is it cause Pakistani are obsessed with fair-skinned people?

Well with these back-to-back episodes, PIA is in a lot of trouble. What is next to come, let’s wait and watch.

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