Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has made it to the headlines yet again and as predicted, for all the wrong reasons.

Hordes of passengers, including 5 infants and 7 wheelchair-bound senior citizens, have been left stranded at the Toronto Pearson International Airport due to 12-hour flight delay. Angry protestors took to social media to report the incident.

It all started when the aviation service first announced a waiting period of 4 hours due to a technical difficulty in the plane.

However, PIA officials did not update the passengers regarding the recommencement of the journey, making the delay as long as 12 hours.

As per various reports surfacing on Twitter, no accommodations have yet been given to the stranded passengers.

Meanwhile, renowned Pakistani filmmaker Rafay Rashidi is also grounded at the airport and slammed PIA for mismanagement.

“many senior citizens in wheel chairs sitting in line – infants – and frustrated travelers- Rafay Rashidi”

The outcry by the passengers has escalated matters at the airport. 

The security officials have reportedly taken a female protestor under custody after she lost her cool over the delay.

So far no action has been taken by the national carrier to solve the crisis at hand. No PIA representative has yet addressed the passengers or informed them about the flight schedule.

However, PIA has responded to Rafay Rashdi on Twitter and has asked the details of the flight.


This is a developing story.

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