Pia inflight menu

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has gone ahead and introduced an entirely new in flight menu for it’s passengers.  A statement issued by PIA said; “Chefs of PIA food services department have added some new dishes of chicken, mutton and fish to the menu in addition to a variety of snacks and desserts.”

This seemingly delicious menu will be served to travelers on board both the domestic and international flights including Economy Class and Business Class.

PIA New menu

PIA Introduces New & Improved In Flight Menu

The menu introduced by the chefs also has edibles made of chicken, fish and mutton. The menu also includes light savoury snacks and desserts. “New menus are prepared by the airline’s menu preparation and implementation committee on the basis of customer feedback, with emphasis on fresh food, with new taste and improved presentation,” the statement added.

PIA Introduces New & Improved In Flight Menu

Changes and improvements have been brought about taking into consideration the customer feedback in mind where the freshness of food, inclusion of new edibles and food presentation are few of the essential aspects that have been addressed.

PIA Introduces New & Improved In Flight Menu

Photo Courtesy: Haseeb Bhatti

The announcement has been made just a few days after PIA stepped forward to support Turkish Airlines when the country became a victim of triple suicide bombing and gun attack at Ataturk airport, leaving around 40 people dead.

According to a press release, CEO PIA, Bernd Hildenbrand said: “We are deeply sorry for this tragedy and as code share partners with Turkish Airlines we are ready to extend our all-out support to them.”

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