UPDATE: PIA flight operations remain suspended as the protest by employees of the national flag carrier entered its 3rd day.  Despite the government invoking the Essential Services Maintenance Act, flight operations remained suspended.


All domestic and international flights of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) were cancelled on Wednesday, airport officials said, as the strike resulting from employees’ protest against the national carrier’s proposed privatisation entered its second day.

PIA employees resumed their protest outside major airports across the country, which came as the federal government invoked the Essential Services (Maintenance) Act, 1952, in the PIA for six months.

The government has appointed a German citizen named Hayden Berg as the new COO of PIA. After yesterday chaotic protest by PIA employees, the government finally showed some move that too seem to raise many controversies as it appointed a foreigner as the new COO of PIA.

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The financial deficit in which this national organization is definitely needed some serious attention by the government. On one hand, employees of PIA are protesting for their salaries and employment; on the other hand, the act of appointing a foreigner as a new COO at Rs 2.5 million monthly salary seem beyond comprehension and is raising many questions.

Government handed over the task of turning the fate of PIA to the new COO, Hayden Berg. Berg is responsible to take the organization out of the financial deficit and turn it into a profitable entity. The biggest question that is being raised by the critics is why the government needs to hire a foreigner on such an important position.

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This appointment of new COO took place after the former COO, Naseer Jabbar resigned from his position after the killing of two innocent employees during the protest. PM House confirmed the acceptance of Jabbar’s resignation letter and announced the appointment of a new COO.

Now with the new COO on board, it would be interesting to see how this story unfolds and what strategies Berg adopts to turn the fate of PIA.